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Beautiful, Functional Art

This is my second mug from RBD Pottery and I could not be happier. As a mug, it is well made, comfortable to hold in my hand, holds a good amount of coffee, and is both microwave and dishwasher safe. More importantly, it is stunning piece of art! I admire the skilled artisan who created this mug, and I highly enjoy supporting a small, independent business.

Poppy Botanic Mug
Anna Carter

I have been trying to get a mug from RBD for MONTHS. I finally snagged this one and I love it. SO WELL made. I get compliments all the time. I can't wait to get another one! The orange mug is on my "wish list." Smile.


It brightens up a grey winter day. It's lovely.

Tall Clementine Mug #5 [16oz]
Laura K
Absolutely beautiful

I love this mug! When I first saw these I had a hard time deciding which pattern, but I’m so glad I went with the Clementines. It occupies one of my cubbies of honor, on display in my dining room. It also holds a lovely cup of tea!

Pomegranate Holiday Mug #10 [16oz]
Kim Medlock
Pomegranate mug perfection!

I love everything about this mug! It is the perfect size, and I especially love when the design wraps all the way around the mug; then I can see it no matter how I pick it up. The dimpled texture is a bonus too, and really gives it great character. My daughters are jealous of this beauty, but it's all MINE!

Pomegranate Holiday Mug #1 [16oz]
Elizabeth Bennett
Another gorgeous mug from RBD!

Was grateful to snag one of these pomegranate mugs and have LOVED using it this Advent and Christmas season - the artistry and craftsmanship is stunning as usual! Thanks, y’all!!

Pomegranate Holiday Mug #5 [16oz]
Andi Flanigan
Worth the wait!

I can’t believe I have this gorgeous mug in my hands!! I was one of the lucky 5 picked for early purchasing, and I was able to snag one of these beauties for my Christmas present! It’s nice and big, a 16oz, but it fits perfectly in my hands. I love the coloring of the pomegranates, and that the design wraps all the way around the mug. I also love the texture, and that I can put it in the microwave since there’s no gold leaf. This is my second piece from RBD Pottery, and I can honestly say it’s worth the wait! If you don’t get one right away, keep trying because their work isn’t just functional and well made, it’s also beautiful and unique.
I love supporting artist like Rachel and Jamin, and I hope to add more of their pieces to my collection soon!

Clementine Mug
Laura Homec
Sparkly citrus mug reminds of Winter Holidays

I like the glittery clementines that resemble christmas baubles. Good work

Clementine Mug
Jen Fitzpatrick

I’ve been trying to get a RB pottery mug for months, and I finally received my first mug. It’s beautiful! I’m so happy! This is my Christmas present to myself.

Pomegranate Holiday Mug #6 [13oz]
Laurie H.

I love my Pomegranate mug. The vibrant colors, wrap-around design, and pinched texture all make it unique, as well as lovely to look at and hold. I will enjoy using this so much. Thank you!

Simply beautiful mug

The Onyx Fade Trail mug is simply beautiful. My husband saw it online and said that it was his favorite, and I was so happy to be able to purchase it for him for Christmas. He will be so happily surprised to receive! Thank you for this functional work of art -- it's truly special.

Poppy Botanic Mug 13oz
Rachel K.
Poppy Mug

I love this mug! It’s so beautiful, and I love looking at all the details. The size of the mug is fantastic, and it has become my new everyday mug.

Pomegranate Holiday Mug #9 [13oz]
Sandra Chustz

I have several RBD mugs and this is my new favorite! The wrap around design, the texture on the mug, the perfect size and the beautiful design has made it my go to for morning coffee.

Clementine Mug
Debbie Mitchell
Love my mug!!!!

I can’t believe how lucky I was to get this mug!! It’s beautiful!

Poppy Botanic Mug
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New favorite mug!

I have been wanting a rbd mug for years and this mug was the perfect first to add to my collection!

Stoneware Trail Candle Sconce Wall Hanging
Lovely item, just as pictures

Beautiful handyman’s scone, unique and professional quality. Thank you!


I'm so lucky to have snagged one of these unique labyrinth mugs! I love the look of the design and color fade all around the mug. And yes, I solved the maze!

Midnight Trail Tumbler
Love this tumbler!

I’m obsessed! It’s my first purchase and I will be shopping again! The tumbler is a great size, so cute and unique! Thank you guys I love it!

Pomegranate Holiday Mug #3 [15oz]
Julie Ocampo

This mug brightens my mornings! I’m lucky enough to be a repeat customer and this is my new favorite. It’s more stunning than the picture.

Echinacea Mug
Michelle Schopp
Morning Happiness in a cup!

This is my third RBD mug, and each one brings me so much joy when I use them. The echinacea mug is beautifully designed and detailed. SUPER fast turnaround from purchase to shipping to receipt. Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of the world!

Such beautiful work! More than worth the frantic clicking at release time to get one!


An incredibly lovely and well made mug. No better way to get my day off to a great start than coffee out of this gorgeous mug :)

Echinacea Mug
Sallie Carter
Wonderful mug!

The mug is beautiful and well crafted. I love starting my mornings with it!

Pumpkin Limited Edition Mug [No.3 - 14oz]
Amanda Friling
Pumpkin mug

Such a pretty and unique mug. I love rbd pottery. It’s perfect for fall.

Marigold Mug
Jennifer Sue
Gorgeous hand crafted mug

My new favorite mug! Not only is the shape and handle very comfortable to hold, the design is so beautiful. It feels extra special that it is hand made. I am glad I was lucky enough to snag the marigolds. It is one of my favorite designs.