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Love the company

I now have 3 mugs in my collection and I love each and every piece! The craftsmanship is beautiful and the owners are very talented ! Looking forward to the next release!


This is the most beautiful mug! My new fav. I have been trying to get one for months and finally succeeded. It’s even more beautiful than I’d hoped it would be. The quality is incomparable. It’s a true work of art. I’m almost afraid to use it. Almost but not quite. ;-)

Beautiful, feel so lucky to have

Stunning craftsmanship all around and gorgeous mug overall! Surprisingly light and comfortable for the size. I feel so fortunate that I was able to snag one, and hope to someday have another. Fast shipping in cute packaging. Thank you so much!

Beautiful Piece

This is my second purchase from RBD Pottery. I was lucky enough to buy this tall stein shape mug. It goes well with my clementine mug that I purchased in May. I love the season of Fall and this mug compliments my morning coffee time.

Beautiful mug!

Absolutely in love with my mug! Best way to enjoy a cozy weekend morning!

Clementine Mug
Marie McCune
So excited to own a piece!

Was fortunate to be able to snag a clementine mug and hope it is just the first in the collection! It’s beautiful and came just a few days after order was placed. Very happy to be able to support this small business who make great products.

Clementine Mug
Melanie Braddock
The most beautiful mug I’ve ever owned!

The design is so much more eye catching and stunning in person! You can tell how much move goes into each of these pieces. I was also pleasantly surprised at how light the mug was. I thought it was going to be heavier. It brings our home a bright light for sure!

A little Christmas

Beautiful art that I'm going to give as a Christmas gift. We live in a four season area of Washington state so this splash of color will help warm up the season. Wonderful!

Beautiful in every way!!

This jar is such a lovely addition to my kitchen. I love the artistry (the colors are absolutely dreamy!) and the way it feels

Echinacea Mug
Debbie Mitchell

I love everything about this mug! Beautiful design and feels good to hold! Can’t wait to have my morning coffee! I feel pretty lucky to have snagged this one! 🥰🥰🥰🥰


This is a stunning piece of art! I am so thrilled with my corked jar. It’s a beautiful place to store my Nespresso pods.

Oak Branch Wine Tumbler
Sarah Goff

It’s beautiful! I think it’s going to live on my desk with pens or maybe little fake flowers so I can look at it every day :)

Clementine Mug
Lisa Marino
Clementine Mug

I absolutely love this mug. I have tried so many ties finally to get one!

Stunning piece of art

This mug is simply stunning! I love the details, especially the gold. This piece of art brings me so much joy everyday when I drink my coffee or tea from it. I feel so lucky to have this in my home!

Clementine Mug
Megan Hedger
Perfect mug!!

I’ve been trying to snag a mug for a little over a year and I finally was lucky enough to get one! It is the perfect size, even more stunning in person, and one of my favorite things.

Tall Pink Peony Mug #2 [17oz]
Kathleen Belden
So pretty!

Love my new mug!

[SECONDS] Clementine Mug 14oz #2
Melissa Thompson

There are no words to describe this mug, rbdpottery as always has produced the best

3.2oz Tiny Hellebore Lidded Jar

This is a beautiful, small jar. The artistry is lovely, and I can't wait to give this as a gift. Packed expertly.

Clementine Mug
Shakira Wood
So in love ❤️

I’ve been trying for a Clementine mug for well over a year now and the persistence paid off - it’s the most charming, whimsical, made from the hands of a real live fairy, piece of perfection. The love that went into this most beautiful piece of art makes it all the more precious. I will definitely be trying for more pieces as all of them are equally special and wonderfully made.

Love the purple hibiscus mug! Can't wait to purchase more!!

Pink Peony Botanic Mug
Francine Kanterman
the mug is stunning, the coffee actually tastes better

I love collecting mugs, but your mugs are so special and unique, I love that they are cream almond color and not white, your designs are gorgeous and vivid! I enjoy using them everyday, thank you for making each day a little more speicial

Echinacea Mug
Alexis Thomas
Love My New Mug

I love my mug from RBD Pottery! The design is so pretty and the mug is so well made. It makes my morning coffee a special way to start the day!

So thrilled!

This mug is absolutely gorgeous. I have been trying to purchase one for a while now and was lucky enough to snag one in the last restock. This mug is beautifully designed and built, holds a lot more coffee, and washes well in the dishwasher. I'm a happy lady!

Tall Dark Hellebore Mug #1 [16oz]
Katlyn Miller

This is my second RBD mug. My first one was purchased in 2020 and I thought that I would never have a mug I loved more. I was so wrong. This mug feels even better in my hands and Rachel/Jamin are clearly perfecting their craft. It was worth every penny!

Love this so much!