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Gorgeous mug!

I swear coffee tastes better in this mug! It’s so well made and beautiful. Shipping was super fast and it was packaged up very well. Thank you!


Ordered a Pour-Over set for my Momma. She's a pottery hound and she's totally in love! It's beautiful and equally as functional! Loved the quality so I bought myself some earrings in this month's shop update. I can't wait for them to show up!

oh neptune

listen, these young kids have done it again!!! they make the most beautiful and unique items. i about lost my mind when they announced they would be doing earrings. i’m obsessed with these little orange trinkets and i was sooo so sad when i lost to someone else the first time they listed them. better believe i set alarms and pre-signed into everything when the second batch dropped. victory!!! and even better than victory is proudly wearing them. i just may tattoo my body with this sweet little design, you guys rock.

A perfect mug

I can’t say enough good things about my mountain mug! It’s the perfect size and shape and fits to nicely in my hands. Can’t wait to collect more from this shop!

My New Favorite

Enjoying the first cup of tea in my new RBG. Your perfectly balanced masterpieces make every drink twice as delicious. Keep up the great work!!

Artwork that can be a part of your daily routine!

Beauty and function are two aspects of purchasing anything that are so important to me, and these pieces are that and SO MUCH MORE! RBD mugs have become such a special part of our home decor, as well as being the BEST gifts. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and feels like a dream to hold. I cannot speak highly enough of the quality, the packaging, the ease of ordering and the fact that my orders always arrive safely packed and feel like a present to me! RBD goes above and beyond <3 Love love LOVE them!

This mug sparks so much joy!

The best way to determine if you need a mug from RBD pottery is if you answer NO to any of these questions:
When pulling your morning coffee mug out of the cabinet do you think I am about to enjoy coffee out of a piece of art?
Stuck at your desk job, do you casually admire your mug throughout the day?
Does your mug has a perfectly shaped handle?

I love both mugs and the Christmas ornament (please make more of these, I would love to make it an annual addition to our tree)! These mugs are such high quality and the artwork and designs are like no other! So what are you waiting for? Go buy yourself a mug or a planter that brings joy to your day!

Unique and beautiful!

This is the very first mug I bought from RBD pottery. I have bought many since and I haven’t found a design I didn’t like. I love their creativity! It’s obvious that amount of care, love and joy they put into their creations. I often buy them for people because they make the BEST presents. You will not be disappointed. They are beautiful, durable and make your cup of coffee or tea even more delightful. I’ll always buy from these guys!! 10/10 would recommend.

Mountain Mug

This honey pot mountain mug is so beautiful. The combination of texture and design is nice, and I appreciate the sensory aspect of it. Great work as usual!

This mug causes family fights.

Everybody wants to use it. If I had known how much trouble this mug was going to cause, I never would have bought it at that coffee shop in Alaska. Now it's too late. Save yourself the headache and get one for every member of the family.

Only problem is...I sort of need more

My fella and I have a number of RBD mugs and they’re our go-to for the perfect hot toddy or morning cup of coffee or long-steep tea. I love them so much, I pack them for camping trips into the mountains. They have that perfect cuppable know, the shape that begs you cup it in both hands. It fits just so. They’ve been equally good companions around wilderness fires or quiet, snowed in mornings with stacks of books. They maaaay have been used once or twice as covert wine glasses for strolling. 🤫
Rachel and Jamin forge these babies with so much love, you can see and feel it in the craftsmanship. Each piece is a collaboration of both their creative processes, and each is slightly different. And I love the notion that buying a pot from them is 100% going into supporting an incredible family business.

Love love love!!!

For Christmas, I told my husband what I really wanted was one of Rachel and Jamin’s clementine mugs. But they were sold out almost immediately (I wasn’t the only one smitten). I waited until the next release and as soon as they were finished, they contacted me and soon I was holding it in my hand. The cup is even more beautiful in person, a true work of art! Now my morning coffee brings that much more joy.
Rachel and Jamin’s work is a melding of intricate beauty and excellent functionality. They are continually adding to their designs, exploring new avenues with their art. I cannot wait to see what they create next.


Alex bought me a set for Valentine’s Day, and honestly if money wasn’t so scary right now we’d have more. We intend to have more!! The love and detail that went into these mugs is absolutely incredible. The shape and feel is unlike anything I’ve gotten in the past from other stores. My biggest wish is to catch more dog bowls in the future so my Belle can drink with the same love we share every morning (and afternoon) with our coffee. Love love love 💕


These mugs are absolutely beautiful. It makes me so happy to use them for my coffee or tea. It makes me even happier when I can gift them to friends and family, because they're beautiful pieces of functional art.

Super fast delivery after ordering too, so you're not waiting forever for these beauties to arrive.

Art for the soul

Jamin and Rachel have such a heart for what they do!! The amount of time, energy, thought, and love they put into their work is such a reflection of deep character in addition to producing AMAZING work!! And did I say amazing?! Amazing!! Their work is stunning....It's an absolute tresure!

-Natalie Celeste :)

number one fan

its probably silly for me to think i’m these two artists number one fan, because *maybe* there is someone else out there who is more adoring, but i would have to meet up with them and have an old fashioned mug off. everything these guys do is my favorite, i’m gonna go home and take pictures of my products and post another review because that’s how excellent they are. my favorite is the small teacups they made!! and my orange mug and jar! oh the oranges, they pull at my heart. even slightly better than that is that i have gotten to “know” jamin and rachel over time. love feeling invested and seeing their sweet kids and dog. you won’t find a better package of talent, personality and excellent instagram branding.

Sassy slurpin’

All my friends wanna know where these fabulous vessels come from and I tell them; heaven.

These mugs have a treasured space on my kitchen shelves and in my heart. They are beautifully made works of art! Thank you both for making such amazing pieces.

Each piece is such a work of art

The mugs and planters and everything else that I’ve received from these wonderful potters have been above and beyond what I’ve seen. I absolutely love their pottery. So very unique and stunning and well made. I’m actually drinking out of one of my favorite mugs from them right now. (Although all of their mugs are my favorites, let’s be honest!)

so beautiful!!

I ordered a tumbler on a whim, and it is even more beautiful than I thought in person! This is honestly one of the most beautiful things I own. It is well made and perfect and I love it.

Functional and beautiful; wow factor x100

People are normally excited about their coffee; not fawning over the cup! I now have several of these mugs and they are exquisite. From the craftsmanship & durability, to the unique and intentional designs; pieces from RBD pottery have truly become a collectors item for me and my husband. This is functional art at its best. I’m in loveee.

I have a smattering of RBD Pottery mugs, and they literally brighten my day. Whether in use or beautifully displayed on my counter, they add life to my home and kitchen! They're durable, sturdy, and extremely aesthetically pleasing functional art. Each piece is hand crafted and that means so much to me! I'm an RBD Pottery Lifer!